Our Tails

Founder & CEO

Jean Arellano

“I truly love owning Vanity Fur in my hometown. My groomers stay pretty close to home and there is continued demand for farther outlying areas. I have decided to franchise to help me grow faster, and to help aspiring mobile pet grooming owners start, launch and expand more quickly.

My goal is to have 4 to 10 mobiles on the road in each market, but to have owners start with their comfort level. Begin with a single mobile and add on as your first mobile pet salon and groomers are fully booked.

Learn more about Vanity Fur, my ideas for the future growth and how you can be a part of this amazing, respected and
sought-after brand.”

Our Tails

The Process


In this call you can find out all about who we are and what this business can become for you. Then, we'll fill you in on what it takes to launch your own Vanity Fur!


Come see what we're all about! You'll get a chance to meet our team and see if this life on the road with our furry friends is for you.


Enjoy the life you've always wanted working with dogs and cats, having a flexible schedule, and being your own boss!

Step into the world of Vanity Fur

As a premier mobile pet salon, we’re not just grooming pets, we’re shaping a “paw-sitive” lifestyle!

Check out our treasure trove of engaging interviews and enlightening podcasts featuring our visionary founder, Jean! Tune in to hear firsthand stories of our journey, the art of mobile pet pampering, and the secrets behind our success.

These captivating conversations offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of Vanity Fur and the unparalleled potential it holds for aspiring franchisees. If you’re seeking a “fur-midable” franchise opportunity, these interviews are your window into the dynamic world of Vanity Fur.

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